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Megaman 9 NES is a fan-made, free-of-charge project that aims to port a single stage from the 2009 Wii game to the NES console.

The project features Galaxy man as the stage of choice. No more stages are planned to be added. 

The demo is programmed from scratch in assembly.

Music and sound were created by tssf. Stage main theme remixed by ChipJockey.

Famitracker driver by jsr.

Special thanks to Banshaku for beta-testing.

The project is in no way affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Capcom.

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Megaman 9 Demo.zip 73 kB


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This is amazing! The MM9 "dream" console. If only the rest could be playable...

I just hope the project doesn't get canceled...


The project is finished, there are no plans to continue due to fear of copyright strike.

I understand... capcom being capcom.

capcom won't strike it unless you make money off it. like rockman 4 minus infinity survived,so this probably also will. maybe ask retrobit (the company who made physical copies of wily wars in USA) if they can make a cartridge version of the rom. they probably will contact capcom and who knows, maybe we will get a physical release. so please continue this. thanks, retroshaffer

for a demo is very well done, although I see unnecessary to do remixes of the game, with only a port to the nes I am more than satisfied, I tried the game on mesen and it works well, I noticed very few bugs and some movements slower than in the original game as when megaman appears, when you call rush or how the boss doors open.

I loved the demo, I hope you continue with the project. 

No sé si el creador de la demo no se dio cuenta de que no se ejecuta en un emulador de nes. Me siento engañado y ahora estoy furioso. (Si el creador está leyendo esto) .Por favor corrija la demo. una actualización.

I haven't been able to find a Mac compatible emulator that can run this game.

I submitted a bug to the OpenEmu/Nestopia Core dev they tested it and this is what they had to say:

"This ROM hits instruction SBX, which is an unofficial opcode. This brings us to three possible problems:

  1. The instruction does not necessarily behave reliably on real hardware and documentation may not be 100% accurate
  2. There is something wrong with banking in the emulator which causes the CPU to try to execute a part of the ROM that is not actually an instruction
  3. The ROM was built against a specific emulator and/or SD cartridge and has not been thoroughly tested

This does not work on Nestopia, FCEUX, or Mednafen from quick testing. Working on an Everdrive does not confirm it works on real hardware -- this confirms that it runs on the Everdrive's implementation of the MMC5 mapper chip only.

Should it be proven that this is an emulation bug, I am happy to fix it. Until then, I will assume the demo has not had sufficient testing to determine factually whether this is an emulation bug"

I really want to play this but I've hit a dead end


By the sound of it, seems like problem no.2 is most likely as I didnt use unofficial opcodes.

I'll look for someone who can test it on real hardware using original MMC5 cartridge but may take a while as these are not very common.

Thank you so much for the effort you're putting into this

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One question,the file runs in any emulator ?

No. Not all emulators support mapper this game uses. Works on hardware so if it doesnt work on emulator of your choice, contact the author and ask him to update it.

What mapper does it use?


Thank you! Do you know any emulators for Mac that can run MMC5 games?


Ah yes, the megaman 9 nes megamen 9 nes among us gameboy sutte hakkun gb gui tomotuber o jogo super mario 64 ds. Enough.

Love it. Well done!

Very well done!